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Title Author/ Editor Year
Archaeology in Mysore (Annual Reports of R.Narasimhachar -1906-11), Vol-1 Ed: T.T Sharman and Sri.Narayan Iyengar 1973
The Chalukyas of Badami Ed: Dr.M.S.Nagaraj Rao 1978
Studies in Keladi History (Seminar Papers) Ed: Prof.G.S Dikshit 1981
Time in Indian Art Author: Dr. Sivaramamurthi 1981
The Chalukyas of Kalyana Ed: Dr.M.S.Nagaraj Rao 1983
Scientific Heritage of India Ed: Dr.Subbarayappa &

Dr. S.R.N.Murthy

Mythology and Culture Ed: Dr.Suryanath U.Kamath 1983
Ancient Indian Attitude toward Nature and Environment Ed: Dr.Suryanath U.Kamath 1994
Rashtrakutas of Malkhed Ed: Dr.B.R Gopal 1994
The Date of Mahabharata based on Astronomical Data Ed: Dr.Suryanath U.Kamath 2004
Studies on Dewan Sir Mirza Ismile Ed: Dr.Suryanath U.Kamath 1998
Prachya Prajna Ed: Dr.M.Sivakumara Swamy 2009
Indian Heritage Ed: Dr.Subbrayappa &  Dr. N.S.Rajaram 2009
Education in Karnataka through Ages Author : Dr.Jyothsna Kamat 2009
Buddhism in South India- (in 2-vols) Ed: Dr.S.Nagaraju 2009
Archaeology and Antiquities Ed: Dr.S.K.Aruni 2009
Karnataka-History, its People and Culture Ed: Sri.Rajendrappa 2009
Religion and Philosophy Ed: Dr.Sudha Gopinath 2009
Q.J.M.S -Index Ed: Dr.Suryanath U.Kamath 2009
Eleven Episodes from Indian Epic Author: Prof. H.A.Ramakrishna 2010

Collected papers of Dr. S.Śrīkaņţha Śāstri

Ed:  Prof T.V. Venkatachala Sastry & Prof P.N.Narasimhamurthy 2016
Modern Science: A Historical & Social Perspective Author: Prof B.V.Subbarayappa 2016
Prehistory of South Asia Author: Dr. K. Paddayya &

Sushama G. Deo


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