The Chalukyas of Kalyana


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Author Dr. M. S. Nagara Rao(Ed.)
Year of Publication 1983
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Some Recently Discovered Important Epigraphs of the Chalukyas of Kalyana by Dr. G. S. GAI – – 1.
Ganjihal Plates of Chalukya Somesvara-I Saka 969 by DR. M. S. NAGARAJA RAO – 3
New Light on the History of the Chalukyas of Kalyana by MADHAV N. KATTI – – 12
The Coinage of the Chalukyas of Kalyana by DR. A. V. NARASIMHA MURTHY – 16
The Imperial Hegemony of the Vatapi and Kalyana Houses – A Comparative Study by DR. K. V. RAMESH – – 26
Chalukya-Chola Relationships by K. G. KRISHNAN – – 33
Nolanba-Chalukya Political Relations by DR. M. S. KRISHNA MURTHY – – 37
The Chalukya-Pandya Relations by DR. M. V. SRINIVAS – – 43
The Chalukyas in Andhradesa by DR. (MRS) V. YASODA DEVI – – 48
Bilhana’s Vikramankadeva Charitam by V. VENKATARAYA SASTRY – – 70
Last Phase of the Chalukya Rule by DR. S. H. RITTI – – 83
Guilds under the Chalukyas of Kalyana by DR. G. S. DIKSHIT – – 87
The Central Government under the Chalukyas of Kalyana by Dr. K. R. Basava Raja – – 91
The Feudal Element in the Western Chalukyan Polity by DR. Y. GOPALA REDDY – – 113
Vijnanesvaras’ Contribution to Hindu Law by DR. K. KRISHNAMOORTHY – – 131
Vijnanesvara and Contemporary Society by Dr. S. GURURAJACHAR – -137
Economic conditions under the Chalukyas of Kalyana by DR. B. R. GOPAL – – 143
Importance of Vachanas in the Study of Social Life in 12th Century Karnataka by DR. P. V. NARAYANA
– -149
Educational and Cultural conditions of Bidar and Gulbarga Region by DR. V. S. KULKARNI – -156
Women in the days of Chalukyas of Kalyana by DR. (Miss) S. L. SHANTAKUMARI – -165
Two Temples in Dharwad District and the Impact of the Lakula and Kalamukha Saiva Sects – DR. A. SUNDARA – – 171
The Chalukyan Temples in Marathawada by DR. T. VENKATAPATHY – – 175
Chalukyan Influence on Hoysala Architecture by DR. B. K. GURURAJA RAO – – 178
Sculptural Art of the Kalyana Chalukyas – an Analysis and Appraisal by Dr. S. NAGARAJU – – 185
The Enigma of Bagali by E. N. KATKAR – – 191
Music in Manasollasa by B. V. K. SASTRY – – 194
Pre-Basava Virasaivism by DR. M. CHIDANANDA MURTHY – – 203
Jainism and Buddhism under the Chalukyas of Kalyana by DR. H. R. RAGHUNATH BHAT – – 206
Bilhana’s Vikramankadevacharita and Somesvara’s Vikramankabhyudaya – a Comparative Note By DR. K. KRISHNAMOORTHY – – 210
Jaina Kannada Literature under the patronage of the Chalukyas of Kalyana by Dr. T. V. VENKATACHALA SASTRI – – 215
The Contribution of Brahmin Poets to Kannada Literature During the Period of Chalukyas of Kalyani (973-1183 A.D.) – – DR. G. VARADARAJA RAO – – 221.
Sastraic Literature during the Kalyana-Chalukyan Period By M. V. SEETHARAMIAH – – 225

List of Participants – – 233.

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