Mythic Society Journal – Volume=99, Issue=3-4, Year=2008


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Asian Contacts of South Indian, G S Dikshit, p.29-48
Buddhagosha’s Nativity and his activities in South India, C V UDAYA SANKAR, p.88-94
Buddhism and Dwaita Vedanta, K T Pandurangi, p.152-157
Buddhism and Later Siddha and Natha Cults and their Literary Development, T G PRABHA SHANKAR, p.198-203
Buddhism and the Bhagavadgita, Sindhu S Dange, p.121-127
Buddhism and the Puranas, Sadashiv A Dange, p.128-143
Buddhism and Uttaramimamsa, Sri Raghavachar, p.144-151
Buddhism and Virasaivism – A Comparative Study, B N Chandraiah, p.171-186
Buddhism and Virasaivism: An Analytical Study, M Chidanandamurthy, p.187-197
Buddhism as Revealed in Jatakas, Y S Ramamani, p.58-71
Buddhism in Kerala, S SUBRAMONIA IYER, p.16-22
Buddhism in Tamil and Kannada –A Comparative Estimate, S Ramamani, p.1-15
Concept of Liberation in Buddhism and Saivism, T R Damodaran, p.158-170
Dignaga and Indian Logic, V N Jha, p.102-110
Dignaga’s Conception of Ultimate Reality, V V S Saibaba, p.95-101
Jainism and Buddhism, B S Kulkarni, p.111-120
Neo-Buddhism in Karnataka, Siddhartha Arakeri, p.214-230
New Aspects of Buddhism from Kenheri, Shobhana Gokhale, p.23-28
Renewed Awareness and Appreciation of Buddhist Heritage, K Abhishankar, p.204-213
Union of Wisdom and Means, Malati J. Shendge, p.72-87
Women in Early Buddhism, Smt Nirupama, p.49-57

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