Mythic Society Journal – Volume=92, Issue=1-2, Year=2001


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Artisans in Medieval Karnataka, Hanuma Nayaka, p.124-147
Construction of the Sun Temple at Konarak: An Historic Perspective, R C and NAYAK, N Misro, p. 56-64
Depressed Classes and Temple Entry Movement in Tamilnadu, P Sermakani, p.79-83
Epigraphical Study of Kasargod District (Kerala), K G Vasanthamadhava, p.101-111
Gandhi and Feminist Renaissance in India: A Study of his Ideas and Approach, Bina Kumari, p. 148-158
Integrated Approach to the Study of History, B C Mahabaleswarappa, p.159-163
Khande Rao the Gallant Dewan of Mysore, M N VASANTH KUMAR, p.207-213
Maritime Contacts of China with Quilon Port, R Venugopalan Nair, p.70-78
My Memories of Hyderabad Freedom Struggle, B Virupakshappa, p.112-123
Newly discovered Megalithic Sites in Eastern Vidarbha , Priyadarshi M and MESHRAM, Pradeep S Khobragade, p.214-220
Religious Sacrifice and Practice in Ancient Tamil Nadu, N and SINGARAVEL, A Sethuram, p.65-69
Study of an Ethnic Minority Community in Hongkong with Reference to 1997, C V Venkatachalan, p.84-100
Talageri’s Contribution to Indo-European Studies, N S Rajaram, p.1-15
Two Women pioneers of Karnataka in the Emancipation of Women, Rajeshwari Chatterjee, p. 16-55
Virasaiva Mathas of Vijayanagara Period at Hampi, C T M Kotraiah, p.164-179
“Santana Kamala Kalpa”: A Painted Photo Depicting the Genealogy of Mysore Wodeyars, Niranjana Rai Urs, p.180-206

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