Mythic Society Journal – Volume=90, Issue=1-2, Year=1999


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Adapur-A Buddhist Site in Rayalaseema , V KAMESWARA RAO, p.43-46
Asoka’s Edicts and Beginnings of Buddhism in Karnataka: A New Interpretation , M J Sharma, p.119-123
Buddha Sculptures in Chola Country , M and VENKATRAMAN, R Chandramoorthy, p. 185-188
Buddhia Sculptures in Chola Country, R and CHANDRAMOORTHY, M Venkatraman, p. 185-188
Buddhism and Buddhist Stupas in Andhra: Origin and Tradition , I K Sarma, p.18-42
Buddhism and Kannada Literature , T V Venkatachala Sastry, p.159-177
Buddhism and Kannada Literature, T VASANTHA KUMAR, p.146-158
Buddhism in Andhradesa , V Sundara Rama Sastry, p.77-108
Buddhism in Coastal Karnataka: A Note , K G Vasanthamadhava, p.141-145
Buddhism in Kannada Inscription , Srinivas Ritti, p.109-118
Buddhism in South India as Gleaned from Inscriptions , K V Ramesh, p.1-7
Buddhism in Tamil Literature , A N Perumal, p.195
Buddhism in Tamil Literature , Pulavar S Raju, p.189-194
Buddhism in Tamil Nadu: A Historical Perspective , A V Jayechadrun, p.172-184
Buddhist Archaeological Remains in Karnataka: Some Recent Finds , A Sundara, p.124-134
Epigraphical References to Buddha in Andhara Pradesh , S S RAMACHANDRA MURTHY, p.62-72
Ideological Background of the Early South Indian Buddhist Inscription, M R Raghava Varier, p. 47-61
New Buddhist Inscriptions from Amaravathi , Madhava N Katti, p.73-76
Sculptural Representations of Tara Bhagavati from Balligave-Banavasi , Raghunath H R Bhat, p. 135-140
South Indian Buddhist Epigraphy , K G Krishnan, p.8-17

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