Mythic Society Journal – Volume=87, Issue=1-2, Year=1996


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Ba Ra.Gopal: Obituary , B S SHYAMALA RATHNAKUMARI, p.206-213
Bankim in Kannada and Tamil Consciousness , B and SRINIVASAN, R Leela, P.128-134
Cattleraids, the State and Agrarian Expansion in early Medieval Southern Karnataka , R Ramakrishnan, p.166-176
Gangadhara Murthi of Siva from Trikuta Siva Temple at Timmalapura , K M Suresh, p.135-138
Gangesa on “Indeterminate Perception” , Brundaban Patra, p.214-223
Glimpses of the Bhagavad Gita , V Perumal, p.115-127
Gold Mine-The land records and Researchers paradise , K V Kurian, p.177-183
H.V.Nanjundaya (1860-1920) , S V Savitramma, p.79-86
Impact of Modern Education on Women in Bombay State (1820-1920):A Historical Perspective and Sociological Approach , Sulochana Krishnamurthy, p.139-148
Indian Freedom Movement and the United States , Y Obi Reddy, p.29-41
Karnataka in 1712-1719 A.D: Maratha-Mughal Activity , Prabhakar Gadre, p.9-18
Kashmiri Elite 1885-1947: An appraisal of Kashmir’s Transition to Modernity, Madhavi Yasin, p. 47-62
Origin of Brahmadayam in Tamil Nadu (Sangam Age) –A Study, A Justin Wilson, p.149-159
Social Evil Practices in Paralakshe, R C mundizamindari: Some reflections on the superstitious beliefs of the Savaras –MISRO, p.160-165
Sthanattar in the Temples of Tamil Nadu , M Desayar, p.19-28
Swadeshi Spirit through National Schools (A historical perspective in Hyderabad Karnataka) , B C Mahabaleswarappa, p.42-46
Tipu Sultan and Muhammad Ali-British Diplomacy of Divide and Rule , C Thomas, p.87-104
Tirumale Tatacharya Sharman, Tirumale Venkatachar, p.184-205
Towards Humanitic Economics , S R Ramaswamy, p.63-78
Visishtadvaita, Lakshmipuram Srinivasacharya, p.1-8
War: An Economic Measure under Imperial Cholas , C Selvaraj, p.105-114

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