Mythic Society Journal – Volume=82, Issue=3-4, Year=1991


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Architecture as a source of History , K Sadasivan, p.92-115
Balfour: The founder of Bangalore Museum, Vemagal Somashekhar, p.196-200
Contribution of Puranas to the Cultural History of India (with special reference to Dance), G V Tagare, p.116-126
Earliest Measuring rod of India , S Rajendrappa, p.81-91
Ethics of War in Ancient and Medieval Tamil country , C Selvaraj, p.67-80
Ghatika of Nagai , H T Kamble, p.180-185
Guttas of Guttavolal their genealogy and chronology , Zakia Khanum K Ansari, p.1-13
Identification of some Pandyan Ports , P Jayakumar, p.28-31
Irrigation in Karnataka: Inscriptions as sources , G R Kuppuswamy, p.142-164
Kalnadu Inscription of Doddamalur , H S Gopal Rao, p.127-130
Late Dr. B.Seetharama Shastry’s contribution to Karnataka History , K G Vasanthamadhava, p.43-54
National Seminar on the Aryan Problem a Short Report , S B and KAMATH, Suryanath U Deo, p. 186-195
News reports from the Mughal Camp about South Karnataka , Sethumadhava Rao Pagadi, p.55-66
Note on the Ore-Genetic Studies in the Sanskrit Text ‘Loha Tantra’ , S R N Murthy, p.39-42
Personal names in Brahmi Inscriptions , M D Sampath, p.32-38
Prof. Ranade’s Contribution to Mysticism , B R Modak, p.165-179
Santaji Bhosle the Viceroy of Jinji , Prabhakar Gadre, p.14-27
Yuga, Mahayuga and kalpa , P R Karnik, p.131-141

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