Mythic Society Journal – Volume=80, Issue=1-4, Year=1989


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Archival Materials on Karnataka and Historical Research , S V Desikachar, p.78-83
B.A.Saletore (1902-1963) , Jyotsna Kamat, p.174-181
B.L.Rice , A M Annigeri, p.93-102
C.Hayavadana Rao , R Ramakrishnan, p. 248-255
Contribution of Dr. R.Shamasastry , Sitaram S Jagirdar, p.117-121
Contribution of Prof. K.A.Nilakanta Sastry to the Reconstruction of the History and Culture of Karnataka, R Tirumalai, p136-152
Contribution of Prof. M.V. Krishna Rao to the Researches on the History and Culture of Karnataka, H V SREENIVASA MURTHY, p202-213
Dr. K.N.V.Sastri’s contribution to Karnataka History , A V Venkataratnam, p.214-218
Dr.Fleet’s Contribution to the study of Karnataka’s History , Suryanath U Kamath, p.84-92
Dr.M.H.Krishna , G S Dikshit, p.132-135
Dr.S.C.Nandimath , R Y Dharwadkar, p.170-173
Dr.S.Krishnaswamy Aiyangar , G S Dikshit, p.113-116
Dr.S.Srikantha Sastri , B R Gopal, p.153-163
Historiography of Karnataka Numismatics , A V NARASIMHA MURTHY, p.52-64
Historiography of Karnataka: A Survey , Suryanath U Kamath, p.1-36
Hullur Srinivasa Jois, M V Srinivas, 231-235
K.B.Pathak- A Forgotten Orientalist , L T Sharma, p.122-131
Kannada Historians of the Recent past , Srinivas Ritti, p.188-201
List of Select books on Karnataka History , K G Nagarajan, p.256-295
M.Govinda Pai , R Ramakrishnan, p.243-245
M.S.Puttanna and his contribution to the history and culture of Karnataka, H S Sujatha, p.236-242
M.Shama Rao , T V Venkatachala Sastry, p.219-230
Prof. G.S.Halappa (1922-1972), K Veerathappa, p.182-187
Professor K.G.Kundangar , R Y Dharwadkar, p.164-169
R.Narasimachar and his contribution , R C Hiremath, p.103-112
R.S.Panchamukhi , An Obituary, p.246-247
Researches on Art and Architecture in Karnataka , S R Rao, p.65-77
Study of Pre-Historic Life in Karnataka , Gururaja B K Rao, p.37-51

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