Mythic Society Journal – Volume=77, Issue=1-2, Year=1986


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Annexation of Burma: A sequel to British Commercial Pressures, Madhavi Yasin, p.207-216
Aseptic Precautions Regarding Food and Drink Revealed by Vedic Literature1-2 , Putta N V Bhatta, p.120-125
Development through Indigenous Resources, J W Spellman, P.175-190
Fabric of Socil Life in Pre-British Mysore , Susan S Bean, p.79-87
Guilds as promoters of Fine arts in Mediaeval Andhradesa , P Chenna Reddy, p.168-174
Inter-State Trade during the Kaktiya period A.D 1000-1323 , P S Kanakadurga, p.17-31
Kaifiyats on Dharwad , K N Chitnis, p.5-16
Lapidary section in Bhoja’s Yuktikalpataru – An Assessment , KC and GANGADHARAN, N Rajasekaran, p.136-153
Note on Babbepalli Plate of Kumaravishnu , M D Sampath, p.164-167
Numerical Taxonomy and Archaeological Interpretation , D B Murti, p.126-135
Origin of the Poligari System , B Sobhanan, p.115-119
Original Jayakhyana Bharata, Bhagavadgita and Siribhuvalaya 3 Parts , K Nagaraja Rao, p.88-96
Relatives and Relations in Ramayana , C L Prabhakar, p.191-206
Saklespur Srikantaya: 1886-1966 , K G Nagarajan, p.236-240
Samkhya and Yoga , M S Shastri, p.217-230;
Significance of Frazer and the Golden Bough , Robert W Brockway, p.154-163
Slavery in Ancient Karnataka , Ramachandra C M Chettiar, p.71-78
Slavery in Ancient Karnataka, M Chidanandamurthy, p.71-78
Sources on Social History of the 19th Century Karnataka , Suryanath U Kamath, p.32-41
Surya Cult in Coastal Karnataka: A Note , K G Vasanthamadhava, p.231-235
Swami Dayanada Saraswati: 1824-1883 and the Mutiny: 1857-59 , Upendra V Rao, 42-59
Tamilnadu Congress and Temple-Entry Campaign 1932-39 , P N Premalatha, p.60-70
Two Notes on Mrcchakatikam, S V Sohoni, p.106-114
Upper Palaeolithic Site at G.V.Satram Dt. Cuddapah, K; KESAVA, K and MURTI, D B Srinivasulu, p.97-105

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