Mythic Society Journal – Volume=76, Issue=1-2, Year=1985


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Acheulean Artefacts from Lankelapalem, Moprtherm Coastal Andhra , D B Murti, p.29-41
Author Index to Articles in Q.J.M.S Vol.71-75(1980-1984, K Subramaniyam, p.5-13
Dasavatara temple- A Religious and Architectural Study from Epigraphs , M D Sampath, p.126-130
In Search of Freedom, N D Venkatesh, p.51-58
K.Guru Dutt-A Tribute , Keshavram N Iyengar, p.177-182
Moodabidre Copper Plate Inscription of Chauta Abbakka Devi, Y Umanath Shenoy, p.170-174
Notes on Mughal Rule in Karnataka , Sethumadhava Rao Pagadi, p.175-176
Origin of Brahmi Script: An Informative Review, LS Wakankar, p.183-192
Original Jayakhyana Bharata, Bhagavadgita and Siribhuvalaya 3 Parts , K Nagaraja Rao, p. 82-100
Periyavarikkam Inscription of Chola Parantaka I, year 28:935 A.D, S Swaminathan, p.145-151
Press and Politics in Princely Mysore 1874-1908 , R Ramakrishnan, p.108-125
Reform and Reaction and the Princely Regime: Mysore 1881-1900, S with Particular Reference to Women –CHANDRASEKHAR, p.131-144
Role of Civil Servants in A Democracy , T R Jayaraman, p.75-81
Scientific Commentary on Mandukya Upanishat , Putta N V Bhatta, p.101-107
Sri Andal in Karnataka , B R Gopal, p.161-169
Title Index to Articles in Q.J.M.S. Vol.71-75(1980-1984), K Subramaniyam, p.13-22
Transfer of Power to Samudra Gupta, S V Sohoni, p.23-28
Upper Palaeolithic Site at G.V.Satram Dt. Cuddapah, K; KESAVA, K and MURTI, D B Srinivasulu, p.152-160
Upper Palaeolithic Site at G.V.Satram Dt. Cuddaph , D B; SRINIVASULU,K and KESAVA, K S B Murti, p.152-160
Upper Palaeolithic Site at G.V.Satram Dt. Cuddapah, K and others Srinivasan, p.152-160
Voice of Female Poets from Vijayanagara , Julee H Hiebert, p.42-50
Who founded the Indian National Congress?, Madhavi Yasin, p.59-74

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