Buddhism in South India Vol 1


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Author S. Nagaraju (Ed.)
Year of Publication 2002
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Table Of Contents

1. Buddhism In South India As Gleaned From Inscriptions – K. V. Ramesh 1
2. South Indian Buddhist Epigraphy – K. G. Krishnan 8
3. Buddhism And Buddhist Stupas In Andhra: Origin And Traditions – L. K. Sarma 18
4. Adapur – A Buddhist Site In Rayalaseema-43 – V. Kameswara Rao
5. Ideological Background Of The Early South Indian Buddhist Inscriptions A Case Study Of The Amaravati Epigraphs – Mr. Raghava Varier 47
6. Epigraphical References To Buddha In Andhra Pradesh – S.S. Ramachandra Murthy 62
7. New Buddhist Inscriptions From Amaravathi – Madhav N. Ketti 73
8. Buddhism In Andhradesa : A Socio Economic Study In Historical Outline – V. Sundara Rama Sastry 77
9. Buddhism In Kannada Inscriptions – Shrinivas Ritti 109
10. Asoka’s Edicts And Beginnings Of Buddhism In Karnataka: A New Interpretation – M. J. Sharma 119
11. Buddhist Archaeological Remains In Karnataka: Some Recent Finds -A Sunders 124
12. Sculptural Representations Of Tara Bhagavati From Balligave- Banavasi – Hr. Raghunatha Bhat 135
13. Buddhism In Coastal Karnataka: A Note – K.G. Vasantamadhava 141
14. Budhism And Kannada Literature – T. Vasantha Kumar 146
15. Buddhism In Kannada Literature – T. V. Venkatachala Sastry 159
16. Buddhism In Tamil Nadu: A Historical Perspective – A. V. Jeyecbsndrun 172
17. Buddhist Centres Of Tamil Nadu – K. K. Ramamurthy 183
18. Buddha Sculptures In The Chola Country – R. Venkatraman And M Chandrsmoorthy 189
19. Buddhism In Tamil Literature – Pulavar S. Raju
20. Buddhism And Tamil Literature – A. N. Perumal 199

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