Beyond Stones and More Stones Volume-2


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Author Ravi Korisettar
Year of Publication 2018
Types of Book Hard Bound
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  •  Acknowledgements                                                                                                                   xiii
  •  Foreword: Stories from Beyond Stones and More Stones                                               xvii
  • Vamsee Juluri
  •  Publisher’S Note                                                                                                                        xxi
  1. Nagaraj
  •     Prologue
  1. Beyond Stones and More Stones: Domestication of the Indian                       1-14
  •    Subcontinent
  •    Ravi korisettar
  •    People of the Half-way House: Agro-Pastoral Cultures
  1. Agricultural Origins and Frontiers in the Indian Subcontinent:                     15-94
  •     A Current Synthesis
  1. Q. Fuller and Charlene Murphy
  1. The Emergence of Agriculture and Pastoralism in the Northern                  95-126
  •     Maidan Region of South Deccan, South India
  1. Boivin, D.Q. Fuller, Ravi Korisettar, Ayushi Nayak and
  • Michael Petraglia
  • 4.Neolithic-Megalithic Zooarchaeology of Southern India                                      127-144
  •    Stephanie Meece
  • 5.Lost Millets and Overlooked Pulses: Advances in Understanding                      145-169
  •   Early Agricultural Developments in South India
  •   D.Q. Fuller and Eleonar Kingwell-Banham
  •    The First Monument Builders of the Indian Peninsula
  • 6.Issues and Problems of Ashmound Research in the Neolithic South               170-207
  •    Deccan: Contemporary Perspectives
  •    Peter Johansen
  • 7.Megaliths: New Perspectives for Future Studies                                                  208-256
  •    Srikumar M. Menon
  • The First Artists: Human-Animal Relationships
  1. Prehistoric Rock Art Studies in India: V.S. Wakankar and After               257-297
  •     Ravi Korisettar
  1. Cognitive interpretation of Indian Rock Art in Perspective                       298-315
  •    Urmi Gohsh-Biswas and V.H. Sonawane
  1. Painted Rockshelters in the Erramalai Tablelands (Mesas),                     316-343
  •      Proterozoic Kurnool Basin, Andhra Pradesh
  •     Jinu Koshy, Malar Koshy, Ravi Korisettar, Ajay Kumar and
  •     Ramesh Masethung
  1. Neolithic-Megalithic Rock Art of Northern Maidan, South                     344-376
  •      Deccan: Legacies, Understandings and New Directions
  •      David Robinson
  1. Neolithic-Iron Age Rock Art in the Northern Maidan of Karnataka:      377-400
  •      Recent Survey
  1. Arjun
  • Epilogue
  1. Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cultural Trajectories and Regional               401-459                      Environments of the Indian Subcontinent: Geodynamics, Holocene
  •     Monsoon Dynamics, Geomorphic Provinces and Cultural Unity in
  •     Diversity
  •     Ravi Korisettar
  • Index                                                                                                                              460-493

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