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A pioneering institution of Indic studies in South India, the Mythic Society was founded in 1909 by some European enthusiasts in Bangalore.  F.H.Richards, who was the Collector of the Bangalore Cantonment District took the initiative and a meeting was held in his residence on 5th May, 1909 and 17 members joined this new academic ‘club’ with Dr. Traverse, the first Director of the Indian Institute of  Science, being its first President too.  Father Tabard, the parish priest of St. Patrick church was its next President for long and he gave the slogan that ‘Mysorean must know Mysore better’ through the Society.  Krishnaraja Odeyar IV and the royal family and Dewans like Sir M.V. showed active interest in its works, researches and publications including the Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, which is being published even now and is up-to-date (from 1909 -2017, 107 Vols).   All eminent scholars from  Mysore  like  Sir C.V.Raman,    Dr. Brajendranath Seal, Prof. Radha Kumud Mukherjee, J.M.Imam, Prof. Metcalfe, B. Puttaiya, Pandit Shivamurthy Shastry,  R.Shama Shastry,   Sir Mirza Ismail etc. were associated with the Society.  It has its own building, Daly Memorial Hall, named after Resident Hugh Daly and built in 1917.


The Library

The library is the most valuable asset the Society has. It was started with the generous donation of a huge collection of books by Rev.

The Research

Present Research Initiatives and Projects: History and Culture of Bharata in a series of several volumes, based on latest Archaeological evidences, prehistoric and historical are coming to light enormously.

Quarterly Journal (QJMS)

QJMS (Quarterly Journal of The Mythic Society) is a peer reviewed, UGC Care List approved research journal, which has been incessantly published since 110 years its inception.
The Research

Present Research Initiatives and Projects

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Upcoming Events And

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Yoga’s Practice of “Giving Back”

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Dakshina is an ancient tradition of those who practice yoga, and it is a display of generosity – a private contribution to the financial support of the teacher and their teachings.

When we experience a pure inner impulse caused by a higher purpose to help others, to express our unconditional gratefulness, it is called Dakshina. We are being guided by our feelings, and, in this case, the amount we give is irrelevant as long as we gain our own true Self.


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