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The Mythic Society library with a collection of about 43,700 books is well known among scholars and is a valuable and rare repository for young researchers and scholars. As part of expansion we are digitizing the library.

The library is the most valuable asset the Society has. It was started with the generous donation of a huge collection of books by Rev. Tabard himself. Sir Hugh Daly showed keen interest in the building up of the library and it was at his instance that the Government of India and the various Presidency Governments put the Mythic Society on the mailing list of their publications.

A collection at the Mysore Secretariat Library was also transferred to this library. Patna Raghavendra Rao, Hugh Daly, Dewan T. Ananda Rao, Resident H.V. Cobb, K.V.Ramaswamy Iyengar etc., contributed their personal collections. Financial contributions too came from many quarters to the library.  Gradually it started adding good/important books and journals related to Indology, History and Philosophy.  Society became member of the Royal Asiatic society (Calcutta), and started getting number of technical journals to the library as well as from Deccan College Pune.


Some of the important collection in repository of the library are: Archaeology – All ASI publications, Inscriptions& Epigraphy volumes, Gazetteers, Census volumes, History volumes, PHISPC series, Encyclopedia Volumes on Architecture, Puranas, Sculpture, Culture, Religion etc., rare maps of Bengaluru, separate section for Bengaluru and Mysore has been created.

At present our collection consists of about 44000 books and separate sections:

About 2000 books in Sanskrit , About 10000 books Kannada, About 22000 books English, and Back volumes of journals about 10000 and about 60 research journals.

Library maintains catalogue systems (Card system, Traditional type) for checking books by Author, Title, Subject.  entire our collection is computerized  and good data base for checking the availability of any document and which can be searched even from web-site.

Some of the Librarian over the past hundred years

Dr. Marris W Travers-1909-1914

Sri K Devanatha Chariar-1917-1918

Sri Ramanujan K-1918-1921

Sri T Swaminathaiar-1921-24

Sri Seetharamaiya M-1924-26

Sri Venkateshaiya-1926-36

Sri Hari Rao R-1936-1970

Sri K Subramanyam one of our managing committee member took care of the library for long. Voluntary work of certain friends who were qualified librarians for seven continuous years helped us to classify the old disorganized library to organized one. The new auditorium completed during this period out of our own finance and savings was later used to house the present library. In addition to adding new books collections of eminent scholars, were acquired to enrich this very old collection.  Book from Havanur, Journalist the late Sri P V Acharya (Hubli), the late Prof B S Shastri of Goa, Prof Chiknis of  Pune, K Ramaswamy have enlarged the library. The library was given a modern look by the efforts of Prof. S K Havanur.  The library is renowned for its prompt service to readers by its trained staff.


Our team consists of qualified and competent staff, well trained in Library and Information Science.

Sri T.N. Srinivasan – Chief Librarian (9481230280)

Sri Kushal Kumar – Asst Librarian (9341792000)

Sri S. Mallesh – Asst Librarian

Sri M. Mahadevaswamy- Asst Librarian

Sri K. Thyagaraju- Asst Librarian

Society’s library extends services like digital Library and photocopying.  Our digital Library is having more than 7000 documents. Library provides seating capacity for 30 readers. We have provided two computers for readers and one exclusively for digital library access.


Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 am to 5:15 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am to 4:00pm
Monday Holiday

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