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The Quarterly Journal publishes high quality papers bringing international reputation to the Society. Its first editor was F.W. Wetherall who was also the first General Secretary. He was an employee of the Geology Department in Mysore. He had successors in Prof. F.R.Sell and Prof.S.Krishnaswamy Iyengar as Editors. S.Srikantatiah was its editor for over 25 years, beginning from 1931. The Journal publishes scholarly and research articles on a variety of subjects covering history, ethnology, folk lore and folk arts, religion, literature, geography, philosophy, architecture, philology, fine arts, etc. and also reviewed books. The fact that even today, requisitions for its back numbers are received from India and abroad, testify to the high standard of its contents. A scholar from Delhi who compiled a book on the history of Indian Theatre, has picked up seven articles from QJMS volumes out of a total of 31 he has included in his book,. This speaks highly of the Journal’s contents. Eminent scholars like John Marshall, Father Heras, Dr.D.C. Sircar, Slater, Dr. Ananda Coomaraswamy, O.C. Ganguli, Dr.Henry Cousins and a host of others were among its contributors from outside Karnataka. Scholars from Canada, Japan, Greece, Germany, etc do contribute articles even today despite the fact that there is a huge crop of such journals all over.

Contributions from scholars from Kerala, A.P., Tamilnadu, Odisha and Karnataka dominate today. Many endowment lectures and papers presented at the seminars organized by the Society are also published in the Journal. Among the scholars who visited the Society and addressed the members Sir C.V.Raman (who for long was the Society’s Honorary President) and Otto Stein and many of eminent men can be mentioned.

Noted epigraphist D.C.Sircar writes, “I come to know of the Society three decades ago (1926) as a student as a post-graduate of Ancient History in the University of Calcutta, eagerly read some of the interesting articles appearing in the pages celebrated Quarterly Journal.” He had also visited the Society in 1958 and twice in the 1980s.

“The main importance of the Society lies in its journal which has continued to appear high up to the present (1960)”, says Prof. A.R.Wadia.

An index of articles in all the 100 volumes of QJMS was published in 2009

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